S1E15 – Theater… it’s too late, we’ve covered everything

The Backers finish off Season 1 a little punch drunk, belting out show tunes and classic funk. They discuss ultimately disappointing aspects of some performing arts categories in crowdfunding sites but still find the power in themselves to keep the faith with their listeners and complete the mission. Unkar Plutt makes a triumphant return, Chris reminisces about the pure joy of a particular DS game, and Brian workshops his drunken half-orc character voice for the inevitable D&D podcast they do in what may be the most meandering (yet strangely endearing!) episode yet. Join us as we finish up Backers, Season 1 with style.

Episode Links and Assorted Information

Chris’s Backed Project

A Bardic Night Of Improv & DVD by Kris Vanderwege

Brian’s Backed Project

The Foxhole Stories | Hollywood Fringe by The Foxhole Stories


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