S2E02 “Spring is Sprung”: the Land of Orphan Socks

This episode finds the Backers ruminating on the theme “Spring is Sprung”. There’s palpable excitement as PAKA sweaters, backed in season 1, have arrived. Chris drinks a gose which affords Brian space to pronounce his profound disgust in a choice of beverage that is “spoiled beer”. The Backers discuss the news that a Kickstarter executive is throwing shade at Indiegogo for fudging their numbers. Brian puts spring in his step with a campaign that will disincentivize sock demons from carrying his garments to the Land of Orphan Socks. Chris bends this fortnight’s theme to his will with a very literal interpretation of “spring” to back a new clicky pen, while also backing a once in a lifetime record by a couple that has been performing together for two decades.

Next time on Backers: channeling our inner Steve Perry with “Be Good to Yourself”.

Episode Links and Assorted Information

Mentionable Zone

Backed Zone

Chris’s Backed Projects

Jonathan & Amanda Noël make a Once-in-a-Lifetime LIVE Record by Jonathan & Amanda Noël

Mark One: A Minimal, Durable, Retractable Pen. by Dan Provost & Tom Gerhardt

Brian’s Backed Project

SOLOSOCKS No-Shows – The World’s Best Summer Socks by SOLOSOCKS


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