S2E03 – Be Good to Yourself

Steve Perry is never far from the Backers’ minds, so what better than a Be Good To Yourself theme to power us further into Season 2? Current events point the opening discussion to new badges for projects in the Kickstarter Hardware Studio and a timely story about a Nintendo Switch related product that probably could have used them. We also touch on ways that Kickstarter is being used in entrepreneurial education. A disparate collection of campaigns are highlighted this week: jackalopes, cyberpunk stories, stabby orcs, drones, and carbolicious ramen. Brian finds an elegant solution for carrying his currency, and Chris adds to his dungeon mastering arsenal.

A mea culpa: It had to happen sometime… we screwed up the recording a bit in this episode. Well, Brian did. Please forgive us our foibles and Brian swears that it’ll never happen again.

Next time on Backers: In order to make up for our lack of discussion on the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle, our theme for next time will be “Fit for Royalty”.

Episode Links and Assorted Information

Mentionable Zone

Backed Zone

Chris’s Backed Project

THE BOOK OF DARK SECRETS – D&D 5e Pathfinder Adventures by Matthew A. Bogdan

Brian’s Backed Project

REDEFINED – The Perfected Wallet Series by FOCX


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