S2E06 – The Great Outdoors

This episode finds the Backers exploring the deceptively easy theme of “The Great Outdoors”. How hard could it be to dig through some 4,000 Kickstarter campaigns and locate one that both meets the criteria and tickles the endorphins just right? Apparently very. Some might say too hard. Join us for a fascinating look into the satisfying land of noodles and a Backer’s regret over a particularly filling serving, an Aeropress-related campaign seemingly created solely for the Backers, and a scintillating discussion of the discomforts of camping.

Finally, listen in as, with great soul-searching and lamentation, the Backers throw in the towel on the Backers podcast. Yes listeners, this is the final episode of Backers. As mentioned in the episode you may very well hear us behind the mics for a different topic but the luster of endlessly delving the depths of crowdfunding has worn off. Thank you to all our loyal listeners — love ya Kitt (the first ‘t’ is silent)! — for taking this journey with us and putting up with our brand of nuttiness.

Until we find our next thing, please remember to <dramatic pause> back responsibly.

Episode Links and Assorted Information

Quickstarter inspires creators to dream up small but fun Kickstarter projects.

The Quickstarter Manifesto

2POUR® A dual brew accessory for the Aeropress® coffee maker

Mentionable Zone

Not a thing.

Backed Zone

Chris’s Backed Project


Brian’s Backed Project



1 thought on “S2E06 – The Great Outdoors”

  1. Thanks for doing this podcast, you helped with the daunting task of wading through the sea of campaigns for interesting content and turned me into a backer. Good luck and hope to hear something from you in the future!


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