Backers is a fortnightly podcast where Brian Dupuis (@coldforged) and Chris Rumpf (@rumpfy) discuss a single, random category on Kickstarter and then each pick something to back. We aim to be informative, interesting, and entertaining but make no guarantees about getting any of it right.

Our theme song, Podunk Stomp, was written and performed by Ian Dorsch (yes, the same Ian Dorsch who wrote the Zero Punctuation theme!) who comes up with the greatest riffs. Our logo was designed by xqggqx.

About Brian DupuisBrian face

Brian is the less cerebral of the Backers, but provides a certain quaint “everyman” aspect. He’s married and has a daughter in high school. In his spare time he enjoys running, obstacle course races, a single video game at a time (currently Overwatch), and RVing.


About Chris RumpfScreen Shot 2017-08-28 at 8.15.01 AM

Chris is a software engineer who practices his craft on the development of mobile apps. When not punching keys on a computer, he likes cycling, home brewing, and tabletop games involving polyhedral dice. Chris lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife and son.